Sequestered Soliloquies III: Summer Nights


1 – “I Can’t Work Like This”

Written by Liza Jensen

Directed by Diana Trotter

Performed by Donovan Mahannah (@dono.estrella)


2 – “Disconnected”

Written by Samson Syharath (@ssapollo)

Directed by Lawrence Siulagi (@itsthelaw)

Performed by Ken Yoshikawa (@yoshakeawaken)


3 – “We Don’t Know About Tomorrow”

Written by Blanca Forzán (@laforzan)

Directed by Melory Mirashrafi (@meloryjasmin)

Performed by Wolfie Beachem (@wolfie.b)


4 – “Starfall”

Written by Darian Kindred

Directed by Carlos-Zenen Trujillo

Performed by Janelle Rae (@janlrae)


5 – “Your Phone Is Lost”

Written by Andréa Tolbert (@thatssoande)

Directed by Tracy Francis

Performed by Curtis Maxey Jr. (@djmaxedout)


6 – “El Paseo de las Reinas”

Written by Ari Chadwick-Saund (@aritheplaywright)

Directed by Roy Arauz (@eltico68)

Performed by Justin Charles


7 – “Minutes Until The End”

Written by Max Forzán

Directed by Mandana Khoshnevisan

Performed by Eric St. Cyr (@hey_st_cyr)


8 – “All Those Alligators”

Written by Sara Jean Accuardi (@sjawkward)

Directed by Heath Hyun Houghton

Performed by Eric Island (@eisland7)


9 – “Party Clown”

Written by Lolly Ward

Directed by Tamara Carroll

Performed by Yesenia Lopez (@lopezyesenia14)


10 – “Hand Sanitizer and A Prayer”

Written by James Dixon (@journeylovepdx)

Directed by Orion Bradshaw

Performed by Shelley B. Shelley