Important 20/21 Season Update

Dear friends,


Thank you for all of your love and support over these past unprecedented months! We hope you have all been staying as well as possible. We’ve definitely been doing our best to stay healthy, creative, and sensitive to everything happening in our world, and while the Vault Theater may be dark, Bag&Baggage is still here! 


Since the end of March, we’ve been looking at all of this as an opportunity to pause, reevaluate, and take new action in creating transformative theatrical work that brings our community together. We spent all spring in “wait and see” mode, while venturing into virtual content territory with our “Sequestered Soliloquies” and “Community Spotlight” series, and hosting an ongoing series of discussions related to social justice. We’re currently several drafts into our plan for reopening the Vault and implementing new COVID protocols, and as complicated as it is to envision socially-distanced audiences, it’s even more challenging to figure out how we keep artists safe through rehearsal processes, shared dressing rooms, and up-close-and-personal stage moments. 


With all this in mind, here’s what you can expect to see at Bag&Baggage in the 2020/21 Season:


– A special virtual fundraiser, streamed online for free, on Saturday, September 26th (this event is taking the place of our annual fundraising Gala, which had originally been scheduled for this past June


 – A series of virtual holiday programming — featuring B&B Associate Artist Phillip J. Berns’ one-man Christmas Carol alongside other artists in our community coming your way throughout the month of December 2020


– A unique world-premiere theatrical offering in collaboration with a team of local playwrights in March 2021 (still TBD whether or not we’ll be bringing you this live or virtually)


– A fully-staged and virtually-presented production of The Ballad of Aurelie the Bold (the show created for young audiences by our 2019/20 Emerging Artists) in May 2021


– And finally, a hopeful return to The Vault stage in June 2021 for the World Premiere of Dmae Roberts’ and Don Wilson Glenn’s Troy, USA, the third installment of our Problem Play Project


We’re also exploring a handful of additional collaborative projects with other artists and groups in our community, which we’ll be sharing more about as we get all the details nailed down. Along with this, we’ll continue to bring you installments of Sequestered Soliloquies and Community Spotlights, as well as opportunities to continue engaging in conversation around film, theatre, and social justice. And we’re planning to bring you some audio drama and other B&B-related content in the form of our brand new KBNB Podcast! We’ll be launching this foray into the audio world this fall, so stay tuned for more details! 


As is the case with everything in our world these days, please know that our plans are subject to change as we stay responsive to this pandemic and work to provide the best and safest experiences for both our audiences and our artists. 


Lastly, we want to let you know that in addition to staying creative and flexible throughout this time period, we’re working hard to connect more intentionally with our community, to forge new relationships with artists and other arts and nonprofit organizations, and create a stronger culture for social justice and antiracism throughout B&B to serve as the backbone of our work for years to come. 


We’re excited about where we’re going here at Bag&Baggage, and again, we’re so grateful to have you on this journey with us. If you want more details on any of the above, or would like to connect with either of us personally, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Sending you all our best,

Cassie Greer, Artistic Director

Beth Lewis, Managing Director

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