Sequestered Soliloquies II: Spring Cleaning



Run Order

1. Clean Love

Written by Alissa Jessup

Directed by Rusty Tennant 

Performed by Jesse Groat

Dramatic Action: a misunderstanding

Shakespeare Text: “Are you sadder than you were before?” (Two Gentlemen of Verona)


2. Disconnected

Written by Susan Faust

Directed by Dallas Myers 

Performed by Peter Schuyler

Dramatic Action: a betrayal

Shakespeare Text: “Give me the map.” (King Lear)


3. Mouth Talk

Written by Brianna Barrett

Directed by Lawrence Siulagi 

Performed by Arianne Jacques

Dramatic Action: a declaration of love

Shakespeare Text: “What was the second noise for?” (Julius Caesar)


4. First Time Buyer

Written by Holly Yurth Richards

Directed by Cambria Herrera

Performed by Elliot Lorenc

Dramatic Action: a rite of passage

Shakespeare Text: “If you will follow me, I will show you enough.” (Much Ado About N0thing)


5 – “Confluence”

Written by Rachael Carnes

Directed by Joey Copsey 

Performed by Mandana Khoshnevisan

Dramatic Action: an intervention

Shakespeare Text: “What did the Russian whisper in your ear?” (Love’s Labours Lost)


6. IS → WAS

Written by Sara Jean Accuardi

Directed by TS McCormick 

Performed by Aaron Cooper Swor

Dramatic Action: a death

Shakespeare Text: “I felt appalled, as if in the presence of some god” (Coriolanus)


7 . Bumerang

Written by Audrey Block

Directed by Mandana Khoshnevisan

Performed by Cassie Greer

Dramatic Action: a reversal of fortune

Shakespeare Text: “Be patient. They are friends.” (Richard III)


8. Consider the Evidence

Written by Josie Seid

Directed by Matt Pavik

Performed by Shelley B. Shelley

Dramatic Action: a secret revealed

Shakespeare Text: “True, I talk of dreams” (Romeo & Juliet)


9. Dolly Friggin’ Parton

Written by Chris Nguyen & Matthew Miller

Directed by Kymberli Colbourne

Performed by Justin Charles

Dramatic Action: a lesson learned

Shakespeare Text: “The hour is fixed, the match is made” (Merry Wives of Windsor)


10. Blue Skies

Written by Heath Hyun Houghton

Directed by Elizabeth Huffman

Performed by Eric Island

Dramatic Action: a birth

Shakespeare Text: “The worst fault you have is to be in love” (As You Like It)

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