Resident Actor Peter Schuyler on “The Big News!”

B&B Richard III - Joey Copsey as Clarence and Peter Schuyler as RichardHuge news for Bag&Baggage Productions, my artistic home. The City of Hillsboro has made a commitment to keeping the company in the city by offering a loan that allows to secure a permanent performance space.

My heart is so full right now that I may not be able to adequately express in words how important this is to my life and the lives of my fellow artists in the company. Coming from a city where almost every performance space was a rotating rental house with no core company, the knowledge that we will have a home to create and share art is a balm for the soul.

The last time I was part of a core company with a permanent space, I was straight out of undergrad in Arizona. A couple of great artists who took a chance on me as an apprentice asked me to come join their family and challenged me like I never thought possible. We did crazy, wonderful art in our own space, on our own terms. That experience has kept me in the theatre for more than 20 years because I know how good it can be, and I will chase that experience, that possibility for as long as I have legs to stand on.

And now, it’s going to be that good again, perhaps even better. With this building, Bag&Baggage can further hone and define our vision, expand our programming, and take greater risks — attacking the big shows we always promised ourselves we’d do if we ever found the right space for them.

We found the space. The time is now.

Peter Schuyler
Resident Actor