Random Musings: Andrew Beck Bulletpoints His Blog

MTC Andrew BeckRandom Musings from rehearsals:

  • Why is it some mornings it’s easy to wake up at 6am and some it’s impossible to wake up at 11am?
  • Amanda, our feisty assistant stage manager, would never ever never be cast as an imposing Scot jailer
  • We have no idea what the human mind and body is capable of overcoming
  • Sometimes theatre can be so powerful that it feels as if the air has been sucked out of the room
  • I work with a bunch of people with great hearts
  • Arianne and I fake undressing is hilarious
  • There is a delicious, hilarious beauty in a perfectly timed pause
  • Actors do not handle new things well. Actors do not handle new things they have to move even less well.
  • It’s going to be worth the price of admission alone just to see the rest of the cast do 180’s between characters
  • I would play straight man to Gary Strong any day of the week…and twice on Sundays
  • I think everyone has been in Ralph Clark’s situation. They feel trapped in their life and are just too scared to make a leap and make the choice that deep down they know would bring him/her happiness. Sometimes that gulf between right now and right there seems so far you just can’t ever imagine being able to make it.
  • Harry Brewer and Duckling Smith are heartbreaking
  • People have been sitting around tables and playing cards and jawboning about the same political stuff for the past 7.2 bazillion years
  • I get cranky when I get tired.
  • If you counted the total number of miles I’ve driven to rehearsal and back and compared them to how far the ships went from England to Australia…the ships still went father…unless I was tired when the subject came up and then I would whine about how what I was doing was SOOOOO much worse.
  • Theatre is transformative
  • Ensembles are transformative
  • Eating too much cake can also be transformative
  • Why is it when some people die it haunts us?
  • I feel that Ralph is so focused on doing the right thing he has forgotten how to feel joy
  • People so rarely actually hear what a person is saying
  • I’m a very lucky person.

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