<b>Xzavier Beacham "Wolfie"</b><i>Troilus/Antenor/Patroclus (Stokely Charmichael)</i>

Xzavier Beacham “Wolfie”

Xzavier Beacham “Wolfie”

Xzavier Beacham “Wolfie”

Born in Texas, and raised in Arlington.
The oldest of 2.

Has spent the past 7 years doing stage theater, his most recent 3 years in Portland OR.
Recently directed his first short film: Time Sensitive
Completed my first 2 short films in circulation in Film Festival Circuit

Mother Madam 


Currently, he is in a zoom production of The Colored Museum Live Streaming on February 20th.

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Facebook:Xzavier Beacham (Wolfie)