“Hitchcocktails” For Halloween!


A Collection of Cocktails Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock On Offer At The Venetian Theatre This Halloween…With Discounts For Those In Costume!

Hillsboro, OR – Like almost every character in his films, Alfred Hitchcock loved a nice cocktail. To celebrate both Halloween and Bag&Baggage’s performance of the play that inspired one of Hitchcock’s greatest films, The Venetian Theatre and Bistro has concocted a devilishly delicious series of cocktails for Halloween Night: The Hitchcocktail Collection.

“There is something so appropriate about having a martini glass in hand before watching a performance of Dial ‘M’ For Murder,” said Bag&Baggage’s Artistic Director Scott Palmer. “So many of the classic characters from Hitchcock’s films enjoyed a Manhattan, a Side Car or a White Lady in the movies, so we thought we would work with the bar staff at the Venetian to come up with our own collection of drinks in honor of the man and, of course, Halloween night.”

The Hitchcocktail CollThe Vertigoection will be available at The Venetian, located at 253 E Main Street in downtown Hillsboro, for one night only on Halloween. The drinks will be available for everyone, but any patron who comes to the Venetian in a Halloween costume will get the cocktail at a special discount.

“The Venetian is always a great time on Halloween,” said Palmer. “The Venetian staff are all dressed up and many of the patrons are, too. We want to encourage everyone who comes to the show that night to come in costume. Maybe even your favorite character from a Hitchcock film!”

The cocktails in the collection include The Vertigo, a powerful concoction of vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, cranberry juice and soda that just might make your head spin, a Psycho-tini, with citron, Cointreau, cranberry juice and fresh lime, and a Dial M For Manhattan, a twist on the traditional favorite.

Bag&Baggage’s Dial ‘M’ For Murder starts at 7:30pm on Halloween night and tickets are available at www.bagnbaggage.org, by calling the box office at 503 345 9590, or in person at the Venetian 1 hour before the show.

About Bag&Baggage Productions: Bag&Baggage is committed to provocative, innovative interpretations of classical works of American and English Drama. Through the use of major literary adaptations and inventive stagings, the company seeks to reconnect the great works of drama to new audiences. Bag&Baggage is the only professional theatre in Hillsboro and is the resident in-house performing arts group at the historic Venetian Theatre in downtown Hillsboro.

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