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Newbie Chase Fulton talks a little bit about his first experience with Bag&Baggage!

Meet The Cast - Chase FultonMy first B&B production has been a unique and challenging experience.  Having not performed in a comedy for quite some time – and then joining this variety of comedy – was difficult to say the least.

The rehearsals have been equally grueling and pleasurably collaborative, feeling much like a well-orchestrated fire drill. It has been a great acting exercise to continually split focus, and in some cases tell two stories concurrently and convincingly.

While Scott has a precise vision for the show, he encourages the cast to interject their own funny ideas, which are inserted if they rouse consistent laughter from the group.  Further, the process of rehearsing for this show has been a tremendous exercise in trust, comedic precision and taking ownership for the show we worked so diligently to tell.

Scott has been marvelous in fostering the funny in all of us. He pushes us to be the strongest ensemble possible, and just when we start to praise ourselves, he pushes a little harder.

I am always grateful when I have the opportunity to work with a director who drives me to refine towards the best possible performance – and this has been the case for this show.

I hope you enjoy it!  Happy holidays!

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