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headshotThis next statement may shock many of you.

I am aware that I am not perfect.

I’m going to give you a moment to let that sink in…

I find people spend a huge portion of their energy trying to hide that very fact. The fact that they aren’t perfect…. But then again neither is anybody else. And everybody knows this. But still we work to find more and more ways to hide our imperfections.

My method du jour: False Bravado…or Falvado, as they call it in the Biz…

…I play a Physiatrist in The Graduate (Opening September, 8th, I hear!) so due to the rules of method acting until we close in early October I am officially licensed to practice medicine. Now taking appointments at www.uakookoo?beckcanfixyou.com)

Oddly, what people waste sooooo much energy in their real life trying to avoid (the appearance of foibles…or in the singular “foib”) is exactly what people want to see on stage. See if this rings a bell, as they say in the biz…

…I play a Hotel Clerk in The Graduate (thundering onto the stage AND into your hearts September 8th on the Venetian Stage) and thus due to the laws of method acting I am now fluent in turn downs and wake up calls… I am now available for bookings to scream awake your loved ones at www.icanwakeyoufromyourslumberbutnotfromthemalaisethatisyourlife.com

That’s why The Graduate is still as timely and resonate today as it was groundbreaking when it first premiered…you get to see beneath that socialized veneer…and in some cases, the naked truth, as they say in the biz…

…I play a Creepy Barman at a strip club in The Graduate (burlesquing its way onto your lap  Sept. 8th, no tipping required…but if you’d like to give money to the bits n’ pieces campaign located on the main page of this very website…that’d be cool.) and due to the ancient and myriad rules of method acting I am legally a creepy guy until the end of the run… so if you’d like me to skeeze up a social get-together please feel free to book me at: www.thatsnotcolonethatsbourbonsweetcheeks.com/noicanttakeahintitstimetoleave/whocalledthatcops,yogoof?/wellyerthedoofuswhohiredmebutterball…

It’s our failures that make us interesting…it’s our failures interacting that cause conflict…it’s how we handle those conflicts that make us who we are as people and shape how we find meaning in the world around us….as audience members we are the lucky ones that get to take a step back and see the big picture as to what’s going on, as they say in the biz…

…I play a Priest in The Graduate (Opening in five “Holy Moly” short weeks at the Venetian) and due to the laws of method acting I am now a legally an ordain- redacted due to advice of my legal consul-

All joking aside.

Come on down and enjoy an evening of real people revel in all their flaws on stage.

I think it’s going to be really great.


Andrew Beck
B&B Resident Actor


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