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  • Wednesday, February 2 @ 7:30 pm

Ticket Cost: free

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Bag&Baggage Productions Proudly Presents...

Our Utopia Workshop Production

February 2022 • Online

by Carlos-Zenen Trujillo

WE INVITE YOU, in united harmony, to join us in a special preview presentation of the Aurora Canyon Community Player’s production of Our Utopia.

We hope this play will clear up any FALSE NEWS and SLANDER spread about our small rural community of like minded, goodhearted people.

Our Utopia will instruct us on the importance of the five pillars of our community: Love. Purpose. Security. Unity. Harmony.

PLEASE. DO NOT LEAVE AT INTERMISSION. After the play we will have an extended talk back/testimonial sessions with real members of Aurora Canyon!

We’d love to have you as our guest 🙂

(Have you noticed the way cult-like mentality has become more prevalent throughout our society in recent years? Did you know that the Pacific states have the highest cult-participation rate of any region in our nation? Our Utopia explores these realities, the human tendencies that lead us into cult-like situations, and our own instincts and responses. Written by Carlos-Zenen Trujillo and directed by Ashland New Play Festival Artistic Director Jackie Apodaca; working towards a full production in the fall of 2022, this workshop production of Our Utopia is presented in conjunction with the 2022 Fertile Ground Festival of New Works.)

Join us for a live virtual reading and talk-back discussion

Wednesday, February 2nd, 7:30pm


Check out our digital Playbill here!