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Love Drunk: Shakespearean Love Stories

02/09/18 • 

Our drunk actors return to the stage after last season’s epic “Drunk Dickens” performance, and this time, they’ll take on abbreviated versions of Shakespearean love stories. Celebrate the Valentine’s Day season by watching some of your favorite Bag&Baggage actors navigate the stage – not to mention the language and nuance of the Bard – while completely hammered. Did we mention that roles are drawn from a hat on the spot, and actors will attempt to costume themselves and stage their scenes in-the-moment? It’s enough to stir emotion in even the coldest of hearts, we guarantee!

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Show Dates & Times

  • September 22, 2021 @ 11:33 pm

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Runs 02/09/18

Run Time 90 minutes

Recommended for ages 21+


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