Bag&Baggage & The Backpack Project

backpackB&B will be collecting food donations for the WL Henry Elementary Backpack Project during this weekend’s performances of A Miracle on 43rd Street: A Holiday Radio Massacre

B&B is partnering with The Backpack Project to collect food for local children in need during this weekend’s performances.

The Backpack Project gives qualifying students from WL Henry Elementary School in Hillsboro backpacks filled with “kid friendly” food to help last the weekend.

Project organizers send home 32 backpacks a week, serving 76 Hillsboro School District students each and every weekend.

Will you help us fill a bunch of backpacks by bringing your donation of food to the show this weekend? Kid friendly food donations include:


peanut butter
cold cereal
canned tuna
juice boxes
dry rice
granola bars
canned fruit

Please bring only commercially packaged items.  There will be donation bins placed throughout the lobby.

Thank you for your support of B&B and The Backpack Project!!!!!!

P.S.  We’ll also be donating 10% of ticket sales from the Nov 28 preview performance to this great cause!