Insufferable: Joey Copsey on Playing Horvath

[cml_media_alt id='5785']joey-copsey-2-4-15-70-final-one[/cml_media_alt]Horvath, oh Horvath. In my mind Horvath is the type of guy who, if the setting was 50 years later would spend all night honing the perfect Dungeons and Dragons campaign before waking up to go to work at the video store, fueled only by pop rocks and coke. Set today he’d spend his evenings on comment threads vociferously pointing out the flaws in a new star trek movie. He enjoys Star Wars but knows that Trekkies are the smart ones.  He doesn’t know exactly what a boson is but he blew twitter up with enthusiastic comments after the discovery of the Higgs. Yeah, he’s that guy.

In the world of our show, when not pouring his life into his work, he sits in a small Budapest apartment, reading the greats, avoiding nervous thoughts about the state of the world, and writing love letters to a woman he’s never seen.

You see, he’s a nerd. An honest, ardent, diligent, romantic nerd. Sure he’s prone to inadvisable bouts of unearned snobbery, but hey nobody’s perfect.

I like him. He’s insufferable, but he’s the kind of guy you’re glad to know. You can trust him. He’ll come through when he says he will. He’s the fellow you’d breath a deep sigh of relief over if your daughter brought him home.

In short he’s not your typical leading man. He’s not dashing or particularly charismatic. He doesn’t sweep anyone off their feet into a world of adventure and passion. He thinks swashbuckling is a way of fastening one’s belt. He works hard, plans well, and loves deeply. Of course he can also be a forehead slapping idiot, but that’s all of us. Like almost every man who deserves the girl, he’s a lovable dope. I hope you’ll enjoy watching him as much as I enjoy playing him.

Joey Copsey
Associate Artist

[cml_media_alt id='5764']Bag & Baggage Productions presents "Parfumerie" in Hillsboro, OR. (photo by Casey Campbell Photography)[/cml_media_alt]
Bag & Baggage Productions presents “Parfumerie” in Hillsboro, OR. (photo by Casey Campbell Photography)