First Preview went well!

Hi Board!  Sorry I’ve not seen most of you lately… missed a couple board meetings due to rehearsals but I’ll be back for the next one!  Weren’t we going to look at changing the board meeting day to help with directors at rehearsals?

Anyway, just wanted to update briefly that the show income is now over $4000, with when combined with pass ticket income for the season should put us at about 1/3 of the way toward the shows income goal… I believe.  I’d love if we were 1/2 way there by opening, but hopefully with reviews and press now starting to break sales will pick up. 
The audience of about 40 patrons at first preview loved the show and we sold 15 passes (60 tickets) for next season at the show (we’re offering the extra special pass discount if they buy at the show, same as we did for Season Announcement and will offer at Twelfth Night.  That brought in $765 toward next season!  This show is PERFECT for marketing our season, so I hope that trend will continue.  
Looking forward to you all seeing the show.  Maggie is, in a word, incredible.  
Do you know what “assonance” means?  You will after you see it!  🙂