Finding Natasha: Megan Carver on Playing A Diva


My process as an actor changes for every show.  Sometimes I find more of my character in movement, sometimes I find them in research and study, and sometimes I find them in an essence that is related to my own personally.

However, for this particular show, more so than ever, I am finding Natasha in the silence and stillness.  
A rather hushed secret, whispered over a glass of sweet wine.
Don’t get me wrong, Natasha is a loud brass woman when she wants to be.  If you call her out, or threaten her, she will attack.  But I am finding that her strength lies in the subtleties.  And it is a delight to relish in all of her secrets.

In this quiet, I have also found a confidence.  Natasha is an incredibly confident woman.  To a degree, I believe that comes with her class (upper society in the 1920’s); but it’s also from her long journey to her stardom.  Her confidence is well earned, and she wears this badge of honor proudly.
A smirk instead of a toothy smile.
A turn of phrase instead of a loud holler.
A woman who in her mind’s eye is righteous, brilliant, and an utter gem.
Lean in closer, and listen close.  
Oh darling, you’ll just melt when you hear what I have to say.


by Tom Stoppard
May 9 – 26, 2013
The Venetian Theatre
253 E Main Street
Hillsboro, OR 97123
Tickets: or 503 345 9590