Celebrate Oregon Day of Culture: October 8, 2009

Oregon’s culture surrounds us, sustains us, shapes us, and informs who we are. It can be found at a county fair, at a ballet recital, in a local library, in a high school auditorium, in the strings of a violin, in the sound of a Broadway show tune, in the verse of a Shakespearean monologue, at a rodeo, in native languages and dance, in finger paint, on a potter’s wheel, and on historic Main Street. Oregon’s culture is everywhere.

It is a part of who we are, where we have been, where we are going, and it is alive and well right here in Washington County.

October 8 marks the anniversary of the creation of Oregon’s unique cultural tax credit and, last year, the Oregon Cultural Trust created “Oregon Day of Culture” to celebrate the many ways in which arts, culture and heritage organizations impact our lives. This year, the Trust has created a new website, http://www.oregondayofculture.org/, that features a searchable database of hundreds of events being held, statewide, to celebrate Oregon’s unique cultural life.

Washington County has a rich and diverse range of cultural organizations, and we hope that everyone who lives here, in our beautiful county, will help us to celebrate Oregon Day of Culture by attending an event, visiting a gallery, touring an historic home, or buying a ticket to a performance. Better yet, residents of Washington County can make a huge difference on October 8 by making a charitable donation to one of the many worthy arts or culture groups that call our county home.

It is often the case that people think of Portland when they think of arts and culture, but, for those of us who live, work and play in Washington County, we know that culture thrives right here, in our own backyards. We believe residents of Washington County deserve access to the arts and culture, where we live, and are calling upon our friends and neighbors to show their support.

Celebrate Oregon Day of Culture by celebrating the local culture of Washington County.

Join us, October 8, for Oregon Day of Culture. Visit http://www.oregondayofculture.org/ to find an event near you, and help the arts and culture grow in Washington County.