B&B Honored by Hillsboro School District

B&B Artistic Director Scott Palmer attended the September 24th Hillsboro School Board Meeting where he (along with a couple of students from The Crucible) were honored for the company’s long history of providing access to professional theatre for high school students! Hanna Leone from the Hillsboro Argus/The Oregonian wrote this great article!

Hillsboro School District thanks Bag&Baggage for student opportunities

Print Hannah Leone | hleone@oregonian.com By Hannah Leone | hleone@oregonian.com
on September 25, 2014 at 7:30 PM, updated September 26, 2014 at 6:44 AM

With two high school theater students at his side, Bag&Baggage artistic director Scott Palmer accepted an award of recognition from the school district he grew up in.

The Hillsboro School District recognized Bag&Baggage during their regular board meeting Tuesday, Sept. 23, with a certificate of appreciation for the theater company’s partnership and the opportunities they provide for students to experience and participate in professional theater, said communications director Beth Graser.

“It was really great to have the entire school board and staff and everybody give us a public thank you for all the work that we are doing,” Palmer said.

Bag&Baggage has long supported Hillsboro schools with what has become its Passport program, offering high school students in Washington, Columbia, Tillamook and Yamhill counties free tickets to the group’s performances.

The theater company also launched its pre-professional training program with “The Crucible,” which runs at the Venetian Theatre until Sept. 28. Through this program, students receive stipends and mentorship in exchange for their work.

Emily Upton, a student actor in the pre-professional program, and Ali Strelchun, an assistant stage manager, accompanied Palmer Tuesday when he received the award on behalf of Bag&Baggage.

Palmer started his Hillsboro School District career at Reedville Elementary, and graduated from Hillsboro High School in 1986.

“It was great to stand up there with those two students,” Palmer said, “and say thank you to the school district for all work they’ve done for me personally in my career and also say I’m proud to be giving back to community in that way.”

Palmer hopes students will continue to take advantage of the Passport program and participate in the professional development program.