Unarmed Combat Workshop with Signe Larsen

Join B&B with a two day workshop focusing on hand to hand combat, taught by Associate Artist Signe Larsen, last seen with Bag&Baggage as Tybalt and Fight Choreographer in Romeo&Juliet (Layla&Majnun) and Charles/Phebe/Lord and Fight Choreographer in As You Like It or, Love In A Forest.

In two 90 minute sessions, students will learn a range of punches, slaps, kicks, (contact and non-contact) and a vocabulary of moves to take with them out into the world of Stage Combat. Day one will cover stances, traveling, punches, slaps, blocks, and the technicalities of selling a combat performance. Students will be given a short combo to work. Day 2 will cover contact slaps and punches, kicks, and students will be given a list of moves to choreograph their own short combination to be performed and workshopped at the end of class. Cost is $50 for the weekend, limit 10 students (plus two B&B guests). Sign up today!



Runs 08/18 - 08/19

Run Time 180 minutes

Recommended for ages 13+


Fechas 08/18 - 08/19

Tiempo de Ejecución 180 minutos

Recomendado para Edades 13+

Box Office Hours:
M/W/F 11:00am - 5:00pm and 1 hour prior to performances

Our Mailing Address/Main Performance Venue
350 E. Main St., Hillsboro, OR 97123

Phone: 503-345-9590

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