Bag&Baggage Productions board of directors and staff. (photo by Casey Campbell Photography)

Mori Mirashrafi

Bag&Baggage brings profound enrichment of cultural and social enlightenment to our community in such an artfully fashioned style. We are so lucky to have Bag&Baggage in our community. 

Mori Mirashrafi
Board Member

Mori Mirashrafi was born in Tehran, Iran, and came to Oregon in 1973 to attend Oregon State University. Mori has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and has worked as a computer engineer for over thirty years, with work experience at Intel and Radisys in Hillsboro. He is currently working at Apcon Inc. in Wilsonville, Oregon. Mori’s previous experience with Bag&Baggage includes Romeo&Juliet (Layla&Majnun), where he provided cultural feedback and composed an adaption of a poem by his favorite poet, Hafez.