Bag&Baggage Productions board of directors and staff. (photo by Casey Campbell Photography)

John Jacques

It has been a distinct pleasure for me to play a modest role as Board Member during the sometimes frantic process of design + building as Bag & Baggage cements its presence on Main Street and opens a new curtain on the vibrant future of our town.

John Jacques
Board Member

I am proud to be the father of Arianne Jacques, Resident Actor and Patron Services Manager of Bag & Baggage, and fortunate to be the husband of architect, photographer and teacher Annemarie Jacques.

I grew up in a village not unlike Hillsboro, as near to New York City as Hillsboro is to Portland.  My studies of architecture at Clemson University and urban design at the University of Edinburgh laid the foundation for a career of community-based architecture + urbanism in both the academy and the workplace.  As a professor at Clemson, I wholeheartedly championed the work of my colleagues in the performing arts and witnessed the many ways they brought added vitality to our A&M campus.  As one professor often declared, “the theater is about everything that’s ever happened in the world!”  Through our practice in nearby Greenville, I took delight in the evolution of our town as we worked together to knit the arts in general and the performing arts in particular into the urban fabric of this pragmatic southern city.  I have seen, firsthand, how the arts matter and have delightful consequences in the civic life of a community – campus and city alike.