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  • August 16, 2022 @ 9:35 am

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Proudly Presents...

Write A Play! Showcase

07/30 • 

Monday July 30th
The Vault Theater and Event Space
350 E Main Street
Hillsboro, OR 97123



Join us at The Vault for an evening of original plays as the members of our Write A Play! workshop, facilitated by Dan Kitrosser, present their work as a result of the program! The playwright and plays are as follows:


Who Goes Home by Autumn Buck

Gramercy disappears when she makes a deal with a demon, leaving her exorcism training and her two closest friends behind. Cardwell and Loveless, estranged exorcism partners since Gramercy’s disappearance, team up again to find their friend and rid her of her demon once and for all. A supernatural take on friendship, loss, longing, and how we can continue living when we know our demons will never quite be rid of us.


Trust Me, Darling  by Lindsay Partain

A noir story– shaken, not stirred. Full of mystery, murder, and renegade women, “Trust Me, Darling” follows The P.I. as she tries to solve the case of femme fatale, Big Red who thinks someone is out to punch her ticket.


Confluence by Sharon Gavin

A play about mothers, and daughters, and sisters, and secrets. Ah, there’s no place like home.



For a Day by Robert Dodge

For a Day takes place in the fall of 1958. Nathan is up for a promotion at work against two other guys. His boss has made it clear that he wants a stable married man to fill the position. He will meet with each of the candidates for a home cooked meal to meet the family before he makes his decision.
Nathan, who is not married decides to create a family. He first asks his girlfriend, Magen, who is insulted at the thought that she would be his wife for only a day. His best friend Scooter, who is currently staying with Nathan while job hunting, recommends a personal friend of his to play the role of “wife”; Lola who is a prostitute. Nathan is not comfortable with this suggestion, but has nothing better, so he reluctantly goes along with the plan. On the night of the dinner, Lola calls. She is out of town and may not make the dinner.
Nathan decides to come clean with his boss. Unknown to Nathan, Scooter decides to take on the role and dress up as Magen. However, Lola shows up. At the same time, the real Magen has a change of heart and also shows up to the dinner. There are now three Magen’s. What will Nathan do?