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01/30/20 - 02/01/20 The Vault Theater & Event Space

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Ticket Cost: $10

Show Dates & Times

SOLO Fest showcases stories, performers, and artists who are not typically seen on stages in Washington County — people and experiences that have either been ignored, silenced, or dismissed. With SOLO Fest, we celebrate the diversity of the people who live here in our community, and we honor their stories through the vehicle of solo performance. This year’s festival features the following shows:


Cinnamon and Cigarettes
Written and Performed by Jenny Newbry
Directed by Cassie Greer

An exploration of the ways we fall apart and seek to heal, Cinnamon and Cigarettes is a true story that takes us on an interwoven journey of 4-year-old Jenny and her best friend Jeremy as they grow up and face broken homes, multiple moves, violent crime, depression, alcohol and drug use, and addiction cycles. When we realize our parents can’t protect us from the harshness of life, how do we cope – and what is it that can transform coping into flailing for some people, or into thriving for others?  How do we heal from pain that feels too deep to endure, and what do we do when we feel hopeless and alone? 

Thursday, Jan. 30 @ 7:30 PM – Act I

Saturday, Feb. 1 @ 7:30 PM – Act I


UNIVERSO || The Creation Story
Written and Performed by Joaquin Lopez
Conceptualized by Joaquin Lopez and Michael Cavazos
Directed by Michael Cavazos
Featuring the music from the album UNIVERSO

This multi-media bilingual presentation shares the formative experiences of a gay man who comes of age navigating cultural identity, sexual intimacy, the yearning to be seen, and the impact of the Pulse Nightclub Massacre. The audience will enter a magical world that pays tribute to Latino queer identity, emotional survival, and personal transformation to a disco beat! Directed by queer Latino artist, Michael Cavazos (Hand2Mouth Theatre), the show features the music from Joaquin Lopez’s recent electro-pop album release—UNIVERSO.

Thursday, Jan. 30 @ 7:30 PM – Act II

Saturday, Feb. 1 @ 7:30 PM – Act II


You Were Supposed To Be This Great Thing
Written and Performed by Warren McPherson

When you grow up Catholic and all your mom wants is for you to be The Pope, well, there’s going to be some real disappointment in life. Starting with visions of the papal office, moving through athletic stardom, all the way to his current quest to be Super Dad, McPherson’s one-man storytelling show navigates a life spent constantly questioning the definition of greatness. 

Friday, Jan. 31 @ 7:30 PM – Act I

Saturday, Feb. 1 @ 2 PM – Act I


Queen Bess
Written and Performed by Victoria Alvarez-Chacon
Adapted from Robert Irvin’s Before Amelia

Elizabeth Coleman, AKA Bessie Coleman, AKA Queen Bess, was an early civil aviator. She was the first woman of Black and Native American ancestry to hold a pilot license in the United States. Follow Bessie just moments after her last decent; soar with her as she flashes back on her life and the people who influenced her.

Friday, Jan. 31 @ 7:30 PM – Act II

Saturday, Feb. 1 @ 2 PM – Act II


All performances will feature a talk-back discussion with the artists following the conclusion of both shows. Join us at The Vault to experience the work of these exemplary artists!