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Bag&Baggage Productions Proudly Presents...

The First-Ever, Ideally Not-To-Become-Annual September Sofa Soiree

You bring the sofa, we bring the entertainment … pants are entirely optional!

Find live captions for the Sofa Soirée here!

September 26th, 2020 • 7:30 PM

Join Bag&Baggage for our First-Ever, Ideally-Not-To-Become-Annual September Sofa Soiree! We know these past months have challenged all of us in unfathomable ways, and we’re grateful to be able to say that B&B is still here, still staying creative, and knowing that our best is yet to come. Hear about the work we’ve been creating over the past six months and our plans for the not-too-distant future, enjoy performances by B&B artists and collaborators, and, most importantly, take an active role in keeping live theatre flourishing in Downtown Hillsboro! 

Already booked on September 26th? You can always make a tax-deductible donation at any time by clicking the link below or leaving us a voicemail at 503-345-9590 x 1 (we promise to call you back)!

Thank you for being part of the Bag&Baggage story!

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Because the Sofa Soiree is a live fundraising event, you’ll be able to leave comments and chat in real time when you’re logged in and watching on YouTube. Help us raise $25,000 in our quest to continue to bring innovative theatrical programming to our community over the coming months. And if the timing of your donation is right, you just might win a secret special surprise! Tune in at 7:30pm on Saturday, September 26th on YouTube or (if you could take or leave the chat feature) right here on this page. No reservations – or pants – required! 

During our live Sofa Soiree on September 26th, we’re excited to bring you:

  • A special appearance from B&B artists, giving you a window into how we’ve been spending our quarantine
  • Musical interludes by the incomparable Ron Artis II, the composer of the music featured in our March production of Anya Pearson’s The Measure of Innocence
  • Your chance to win a surprise dessert delivery from B&B Managing Director Beth Lewis
  • Guest appearances from B&B friends and collaborators, discussing community, creativity, and making it through this pandemic together
  • and, most importantly, a chance to escape to the imaginary virtual living room of The Vault Theater, and dream about the future with us!

Guest Artists

To be announced soon!