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Sequestered Soliloquies VII: Shot in the Arm

04/25/21 • Online

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One year ago this month, we brought you our first two Sequestered Soliloquies experiments in collaboration with LineStorm Playwrights. Twelve months later, we’re still here, and have collaborated with over 100 different artists on this project along the way – if that’s not inspiring, we’re not sure what is! But just in case you’re feeling the “COVID Spring Year 2” blues, we’ve got you covered: on Sunday, April 25th, we’re bringing you the seventh (and perhaps final?) round of Sequestered Soliloquies: Shot in the Arm. Ten teams (playwright, actor, director) will create, rehearse, and perform brand-new monologues, which will be streamed directly to your screens via B&B’s Facebook and YouTube pages starting at 7:00pm on Sunday, April 25th. We’re returning to the roots of this project, with each monologue featuring a line from a show previously seen on the B&B stage – listen closely and see if you can figure out which ones they are! If you can’t catch us live on the 25th, don’t worry: a full video of all the soliloquies will be available on our website for anytime viewing, along with the videos of our other six rounds of Sequestered Soliloquies. Thanks for continuing to celebrate virtual, instant theatre with us!