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  • July 16, 2018 @ 12:00 am

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Scott Palmer’s 50th Birthday Roast: A Fundraiser for Bag&Baggage

07/16/18 • 

Scott Palmer, B&B’s Founding Artistic Director, turns 50 years old on July 16th. To celebrate, and to get their revenge on Scott for more than 50 years of his annoying existence, Scott’s friends and family gather to give him a good old fashioned roasting! Think Dean Martin, Don Rickles, Nipsey Russell – only with B&B actors, elected officials, fans, and friends doing the roasting. This 2 hour celebration is mockery for a cause – and all funds raised will go to support the least sexy part of B&B’s fundraising goals; our working capital fund. Don’t miss the chance to hear friends and fans tell Scott what they really think of him! Tickets are $25 and there is limited seating for this once in a lifetime milestone for B&B’s fearless leader!