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Museum at (Our Place) Downtown Hillsboro

October 2020 • Online

Downtown Hillsboro now has its own temporary museum! “Museum at (Our Place): This IS Kalapuyan Land” is a yard sign exhibition featuring contemporary Native American artwork from an exhibition curated by Steph Littlebird Fogel at Five Oaks Museum. Visit the 10 signs located throughout Downtown and use your smartphone camera to scan the QR codes on each sign to learn more about each artist. For even more fun resources related to the exhibit, you can download the museum’s Stay Learning Guide. The Museum at (Our Place) Downtown will be up through the end of October 2020. Visit fiveoaksmuseum.org to learn more about the Museum’s other exhibits, resources, and ways to get involved!


Download the museum’s Stay Learning Guide here!

And download this map to view all the museum locations in Downtown Hillsboro here!