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Ticket Cost: $5-30 sliding scale*

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Bag&Baggage Productions Proudly Presents...

Lights Up at The Vault: David Saffert & Courtney Freed Present “Silver & Gold”

12/17-12/19/21 • The Vault Theater & Event Space

Pianist David Saffert and chanteuse Courtney Freed deliver the motherlode in music and gaiety with “Silver & Gold,” a celebration to the holidays and just plain being together! This effervescent duo have mined their childhoods for songs and stories of the season that range from holiday TV specials to booze to their own mothers. Experience the glimmer and shimmer of David and Courtney in their elements!

You have three opportunities to join in the fun: Friday or Saturday evenings, December 17th and 18th, or Sunday afternoon, December 19th!

*Tickets are available on a sliding scale in $5 increments – please select the ticket price that best fits your budget. Theatre chairs will be grouped based on party size indicated at the time of ticket purchase.

Vaccine card and identification, or proof of negative COVID test taken within 72 hours prior to the event are required. Masks must be worn inside of the building.

Lights Up at The Vault is generously sponsored by the Hillsboro Hops.



Join Bag&Baggage in helping to feed our communities by bringing food donations to The Vault when you come to see the show!

Beaverton Food Project is a small, community-run network of free fridges and pantries that provide 24/7 access to food and groceries for anyone who stops by on a “take what you want, leave what you can” basis. There are currently 4 fridges and 8 pantries that span from the outer edge of Beaverton to Main Street in Hillsboro! Anyone can drop off or pick up at any of the 12 locations at any time, but this winter BFP is partnering with Bag&Baggage for extra support to keep pantries stocked with plenty of cans, dry goods, and other non-perishables. Some recommended items include:

– Dry rice, pasta, beans, lentils

– Canned beans, tomatoes, soups, or other vegetables

– Baking flour and box mixes for cakes and breads

If you choose to make your own contributions to a fridge or pantry, please follow our community agreements:

  1. Take what you want, leave what you can!
  2. Do your best to touch only what you are going to take.
  3. Sanitize your hands before opening the fridge.
  4. Only donate food that has not expired or been opened.
  5. Please do not donate alcohol or drugs.
  6. Do your best to keep surrounding areas clean and organized, for our generous hosts!
  7. Keep meat and produce separate in the fridge and freezer to avoid cross-contamination (not all fridges have freezers).
  8. Protocols for donating pre-made meals:- Use clean and sealed containers with labels:- What is it?- Where is it coming from?- Ingredients/allergens?- When was it prepared?

Here is a link to the interactive map:


Illustrated maps can also be found on our Instagram and online!

Contact/social media/donations:

IG and FB: @beavertonfoodproject



Cashapp: $beavertonfoodproject (all donations used for fridge and pantry maintenance and food)