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Bag&Baggage Productions Proudly Presents...

I F#@!ing Hate Shakespeare (in repertoire with “Apples in Winter”)


Ticket Cost: Sliding Scale $20-$35

Show Dates & Times

by Gina Femia

Directed by Ephriam Harnsberger

I Fucking Hate Shakespeare, is described as, “Raw, vulnerable, exposed and open in a beautiful, moving play that is funny at times and heartbreaking too.” Don’t worry… we are not going to abandon the bard’s work, but we promise this play is going to be amazing.

Gina Femia is a playwright. William Shakespeare is a playwright, too – maybe you’ve heard of him? Through the lens of different Shakespeare plays, and juxtaposing him with the abusive relationships that defined her coming of age, Gina discusses how her experience with the Bard has shaped her origin story as a playwright.

Content Warning: This play discusses abusive relationships, mental health, and suicidal ideation. Please watch with care.

This production is produced in repertoire with Apples in Winter by Jennifer Fawcett click this link to learn more!