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  • August 18, 2022 @ 7:26 pm

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Fresh Film NW

04/15/18 • 

Fresh Film Northwest is the youth component of the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival and a showcase of teen-produced short video work in a variety of genres. The juried screening is an annual opportunity for young filmmakers from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska, aged 13-19, to have their work viewed by professional media artists and educators and presented to the public. Each year’s unique panel selects entries based on the following criteria: Freshness & Originality, Persuasive Point of View, Emotional Impact, Technical Proficiency, and successful Risk-Taking.


The Northwest Film Center hopes that Fresh Film Northwest will encourage and inspire young people to use media to creatively express personal concerns, explore important social issues, and to share engaging stories about the world today. This one-hour program is comprised of selections from the 2014, 2015, and 2016 annual programs.


The films include:

Words Of Wisdom (2015)

Filmmakers: Sarah Bonilla, Violet Culver, Zanna Kortenhof, Ellie Mcclean, Charlotte Newsom, Izi Potter, Lucy Sagoo, Leah Steindorf / Powgirls, Portland, OR

(NAR) A grandmother’s advice spurs a granddaughter into action. (4 mins.)


Leo & Clark (2015)

Filmmakers: Akiva Henig, Avingam Henig / Independent, Portland, OR

(NAR) Young men compare notes on the pursuit of happiness. (5 mins.)


Home (2016)

Filmmakers: Joshua Costea, Raluca Ciobanu, Lettie Costea / Independent, Vancouver, BC

(NAR) Abby’s strange powers help her find a world to call home. (8 mins.)

Creative Expression Award


Abduction (2014)

Fillmaker: Haylie Bolte / Vancouver School Of Arts And Academics, Vancouver, WA

(ANI) A story of abduction and lost love. (1 min.)


Toccata (2016)

Filmmakers: Claire Mackie, Daniel Ortiz, James Vancuren, Mutte Chen / Indie Filmmakers Lab, Vancouver, BC

(EXP) Striving for perfection, piano practice turns to obsession. (3 mins.)


Living Honestly (2016)

Filmmakers: PJ Hase and Skala Leake / Ballard High School, Seattle, WA

(DOC) What it’s like to come out to family and friends. (7 mins.)


Losing Alberta: Gentrification in Northeast Portland (2016)

Filmmakers: Sawyer Montgomery, Joshua Webb, Mackie Mallison / Grant High School Magazine, Portland, OR

(DOC) How gentrification has changed a Northeast Portland community. (11 mins.)

Integrative Learning Award


What I Would Say (2016)

Filmmaker: Zulema Young-Toledo / Independent, Portland, OR

(NAR) True feelings are revealed in hypothetical terms. (6 mins.)

Heart Award


Buster Was A Man (2014)

Filmmakers: Adam Macarthur, Ethan Seneker / Everett, WA

(NAR) What does it take to break out of a daily routine? (5 mins.)

Creative Self Expression Award


Rectangles & Straight Lines (2016)

Filmmaker: Courtney McLeod / Northwest Film Center Summer Camp, Portland, OR

(EXP) A cityscape full of patterns, shapes, shadows, and movement. (3 mins.)


Solved (2015)

Filmmaker: Silvan Yang / Northwest Film Center Summer Camp, Portland, OR

(ANI) Coming up with a solution under pressure. (1 min.)


Shakesburn (2016)

Filmmakers: Pablo Reese, Anna Smith, Annie Winner, Ethan Harmon, Mimi Smith / Canoofle Creative Camp, Portland, OR

(NAR) A stolen tri-cycle, fruit-cakes, and clever insults collide. (5 mins.)