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  • August 9, 2022 @ 4:09 am

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Proudly Presents...

First Annual SOLO FEST: Day IV

02/04/18 • 

Bag&Baggage is proud to present our first-ever SOLO festival: a weekend of amazing performances and rehearsed readings by single performers.

Each evening features one full-production and one rehearsed reading, and tickets are only $10 per night, so our patrons will have the chance to experience two entirely different and unique performances for only $10!


February 4:

Act I: MOP Deconstructed by Paul Iarrobino

Act II: The Box Marked Black: Tales from a Halfrican American growing up Mulatto. With sock puppets! by Damaris Webb


MOP Deconstructed

MOP Deconstructed is a coming-of-age story of a gay man’s search for self-expression and acceptance, told through a generational lens. Reflect with Paul on culture and identity through childhood, college, and mature adulthood, with stories full of humor and poignance. Paul Iarrobino is a writer, performance artist, storyteller, and documentary producer, who recently launched the new storytelling company Our Bold Voices.


Paul continues to be one of our fans’ favorite storytellers, and he’s one of my personal favorites as well. Paul’s acerbic wit and cutting observations of others (and himself) are always improbably paired with a deep, reverent love of the humanity of the people he encounters. He’s nothing short of a joy to watch on stage.”

-Tod Kelly, Co-Host and Artistic Director of The 7 Deadly Sins Show


The Box Marked Black: Tales from a Halfrican American growing up Mulatto. With sock puppets!

What does it mean to be black? Is it the shade of your skin? The kink of your hair? Where you grew up? Is it learned? What is its language, both in the body and on the tongue? As a non-linear coming of age story, our heroine examines her relationship to being “black enough” while navigating a culture that leaves little room for those in between. Damaris Webb is a Portland-based theatre-maker whose work lives in the intersection of contemplative dance, improvisational performance art, and contemporary theatre.


[The Box Marked Black] inspires joy, pride, and wonder in our America. Webb can hold the audience close with just a whisper…this is a new local artist to watch.”