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Fertile Ground: Interlocus, Between Space and Time

01/19/18 - 01/21/18


Show Dates & Times

  • August 7, 2018 @ 9:26 pm

Staged Reading Premiere

Bag & Baggage Emerging Artist Tiffany Rousseau presents


Interlocus: Between Space & Time

Written By Tiffany Rousseau

Music by Patrick Hammond

Directed by Benjamin Vawter


Festival Dates: Jan. 19, 20, @ 7:00pmJan 21 @ 2pm

Venue: The Vault, Bag & Baggage Productions, 350 E Main St, Hillsboro, OR 97123

Tickets: $5

More info: fertilegroundpdx.org

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Samantha, a young barista living in Portland, OR has the little-known ability to step out of time. Though the time limit on her ability is only 5 minutes, it’s enough for her to use it as a way to forget the past. That is, until she meets Ethan, a young writer who can also step out of time. As they try to navigate their newfound friendship, Samantha wrestles with her anxiety and recent loss of her mother and Ethan attempts to find a deeper connection with Samantha. Meanwhile, Samantha’s father, Craig looks for a way back into his daughter’s life after ending up on the streets due to depression and joblessness. This story is an exploration of moments in life that feel like the interlocus, the playwright’s given name to the space between a lightning flash and a thunder clap. It is a space in time when everything seems to halt after the sight, waiting for the sound, a moment when time stops and everything can change.


There is a moment, a short, variable space of time between sight and sound when a lightning strike flashes and a thunder roll pounds; this story is an exploration of that moment. It tackles the relationship between father and daughter, resentment, anxiety, young love, and time, all while wrestling with what our purpose is on this earth and how we can come to a place of peace in the middle of not knowing all the answers.



Samantha – Madelyn Clement

Ethan – Grant Thackray 

Craig – Eric Boles