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10/04/18 - 10/31/18 • The Vault Theater & Event Space

by Ira Levin

The longest-running thriller on Broadway comes to Main Street in downtown Hillsboro. A fiendishly clever plot, with nerve-jangling twists and turns, Deathtrap is a true classic of American theatre.

Sidney Bruhl, a once-successful writer of stage thrillers, is in the grip of chronic writer’s block, when young playwright Clifford Anderson sends Bruhl his brilliant new whodunit, Deathtrap. Desperate to set Broadway alight once more, should Bruhl kill the newcomer and pass the play off as his own?

No one is who they appear to be, and, with every twist and turn, Deathtrap will keep you guessing until the bitter, bloody end! A taut, terrifying, and thrilling way to kick off the Halloween season!

“Thrillers are a tough genre to make work in live theatre, but when they’re as well written as Ira Levin’s 1978 masterpiece, they can be as hair-raising and suspenseful as the very best thriller films… an exciting night of highly enjoyable entertainment, filled with twists and turns!”

– Jacob Davis, The Chicago Critic