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Bag&Baggage Productions Proudly Presents...

Brave Space: The Criminal Justice System

Bag&Baggage invites you to the next BRAVE SPACE, welcoming the opportunity to hear and learn from those whose lives and stories should inform our social justice efforts.
We are reaching out to YOU specifically because you:
You are a recommended friends or family of a company member,
You are a member of our Board or one of our artists, and we believe our organization can benefit greatly from being involved in these listening sessions; or
You are a local community leader who has shown a commitment to social justice and equity.
Coffee and lite snacks will be provided, come early to chat with each other about the Brave Steps taken to make a difference in our community.
Before regularly scheduled Sunday matinee, of The Measure of Innocence, our guest speaker(s) will be welcomed to The Vault, and offered the chance to tell us their stories, to lift their voices, and give us all the benefit of their lives, and experiences. Our attendees  are asked to give these voices their full attention, to be present, and to listen with love, respect, and kindness.
Donna Hayes, from Chicago Illinois. Mother of 5 and grandmother of 20 something. Feb. 9, 2017, her grandson was murdered by a Portland police officer and it was the beginning of my fight for justice which to date they have not received. She is an early member of Pacific Northwest Family Circle. Her job and passion is looking for the family in order to bring them into the fold so that they can have the support and not feel alone.

This is an organization that is uniting Oregon and Washington families to struggle on behalf of their loved ones for police accountability. They are an all-volunteer group that supports the families who were killed or injured by police. The present fight is Oregon DA for the People.
To take action click here https://www.pnwfamilycircle.org/events/
Terrence Hayes, represents  two organizations- he is a leader in Liberation Literacy, a political study and re-entry organization for folks who are doing or have done time at CRCI.  He also is a part of our organization and campaign Oregon DA for the People, fighting for an end to the racism and classism of over-prosecution, policing, and prisons by building a powerful coalition to influence the candidates and policies of the District Attorney- in the upcoming elections in Multnomah and Clackamas County.
Lakayana Drury, (bio to come)