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October 2021 • 

a piece by Kailey Rhodes and Samson Syharath

Bluebeard, it seems, has a habit of marrying and then murdering his wives. A habit, that is, until he seduces the neighbor’s daughter… Join us for a theatre piece unlike any you’ve experienced before, hosted by our good friends at the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals. Bluebeard is a drive-through theatre experience, where audience members “attend” from their cars, as you are prompted to stop, start, press “play” on the audio tracks that come with your ticket, and make your way around the Museum grounds as the show unfolds around and among your vehicles.

Bluebeard is conceived, created, and directed by Kailey Rhodes and Samson Syharath, and sponsored by Ralph and Marilynn Helzerman.