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Bag&Baggage Productions Proudly Presents...

Apples in Winter (in repertoire with “I F@#!ing Hate Shakespeare”)


Ticket Cost: Sliding Scale $20-$35

Show Dates & Times

by Jennifer Fawcett

Directed by Scott Palmer

Miriam receives a special request from her son to bake his favorite dish: her famous apple pie. Though she has completed this recipe hundreds of times, the process on this particular occasion carries a bit more weight. This intimate one-woman show invites us into the makeshift kitchen of a mother who will do anything to grant her son’s final wish.

This is a play about monsters and the mothers of monsters. And about how we care for each other. And about how to make a really good apple pie.

Content Warning: This play contains detailed descriptions of extremely violent acts and contains conversations about drug abuse and mental health issues. Please watch with care.

This show is produced in repertoire with I F@#!ing Hate Shakespeare by Gina Femia. Find out more by following this link!