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  • September 21, 2019 @ 2:00 pm

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350.org Washington County Proudly Presents...

350.org Washington County presents Deep Green

One World Films and Conversations Presents Deep Green

Join 350.org Washington County for another thought-provoking film and conversation. We hope for a great turnout and conversation just like our past film events. Bring your friends and family and let’s explore issues and talk!

Free film and free popcorn, and filmaker Matthew Briggs will join us to share updates and ideas!

We explored extreme energy extraction in our last film, To the Ends of the Earth. Our next film was produced right here in Oregon, and offers inspiration with an exploration of positive solutions to the climate crisis.


About Deep Green:

Based on six years of intensive research and devoted exclusively to solutions to man-made global warming, “Deep Green” cuts through the clutter to bring new clarity to an increasingly-urgent situation.

Join Matt Briggs as he explores the best applications worldwide in energy efficiency, green building, de-carbonizing transportation, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and smart grids, and forest restoration. Some solutions arr profoundly personal and practical—like what one person can do to lower their carbon load in their own house, with their own lifestyle, and on their own land. Other solutions are necessarily complex, such as Southern California Edison’s quest to find the best batteries to electrify transportation.

We hear compelling insights from dozens of prominent thinkers, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and government officials on de-carbonizing energy and restoring the natural environment. Included are legendary authors Lester Brown and Michael Pollan; renowned scientists Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute and Dr. David Suzuki; powerful voices in China like Barbara Finamore, Huang Ming, and Zhang Wei; and green energy pioneers in seven countries across Europe.


About Filmmaker Matthew Briggs:

Matt Briggs makes his directorial debut with “Deep Green,” the feature-length documentary about solutions to global warming which he also produced and wrote. Filmed in nine countries during the last three years, “Deep Green” is based on six years of environmental research in which Briggs read literally hundreds of books and thousands of articles, as well as attending scores of conferences. He previously helped pioneer the wild mushroom industry in the U.S., beginning in 1981, by co-founding what quickly became the largest commercial operation in North America to collect and deliver fresh fungi to restaurants, specialty stores and such other clients as the White House. The son of a college professor who later became Dean of Students for Portland State University, Briggs obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon, where he majored in both the arts and premed. He spent another six years studying at the New England College of Chinese Medicine and San Francisco College of Oriental Medicine before obtaining his license to practice in Oregon and California. In between, Briggs embarked on two separate global treks that ultimately took him to 50 different countries, giving him a unique perspective on the world’s diverse cultures.