THANK YOU to all our EVOLUTION Donors!

B&B model views - Theatre facing North

We began to raise money for Bag&Baggage’s EVOLUTION Capital Campaign in the late summer of 2015 with a goal of $1.4 million. We’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the many, many people who have helped us – and are continuing to help us along the way – as we build our new home in downtown Hillsboro.

With gratitude, we acknowledge:

$250,000 and above


M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust


$50,000 and above

The Collins Foundation


$25,000 and above


The Kurt and Mary Koehler Fund

Laura and Mike McMurray

The PGE Foundation

Pat Reser

Washington County Visitors Association


$10,000 and above

Karl Citek and Patricia Logan

Hillsboro Rotary Members, and the Hillsboro Rotary Foundation

The Del and Helen Kraemer Charitable Fund

Sandy Palmer

The Ritz Family Foundation


$5,000 and above

Dan Bergsvik and Don Hastler

Maggie and Steve Dixon

Kathy Gaona

Ralph and Marilynn Helzerman

Kevin Hoover and Nita Brueggeman

The Jackson Foundation

Eric and Diane Lewis

Malmedal Plumbing

Linda and Scott Mokler

Linda A. Morrisson and Andrew Hoffman

Brad and Linda Needham

The Smith Family Trust

Tokola Properties


$2,500 and above

Carol Beauchamp

Dale and Julie Case

Jim and Vicki Currie

Tom and Gayle Hughes

Leonard and Susan Magazine

Gayle and Fred Nachtigal

Jan Simmons

Rita and William Tomison

Dwight Unti

David and Shirley Woodford


$1,000 and above

Tina Arth, in memory of Darrell Baker

Bob and Carolyn Beall

Steve and Joan Callaway

Kymberli Colbourne

Lisa DuPre’

George and Donna Evans

Michael Fox and Deborah Garman

Jon Gimre & Gimre’s Shoe Store

Steve and Marilyn Gray

Scott and Sonya Hoatson

Ken and Anne Jackson

Barbara Mason

Roger Palmer and Donna Rondema

Bill and Marsha Pike


$500 and above

Terry Blackburn

The Law Offices of Patrick Cadiz

Carole Cotten-Figueiredo and John Figueiredo

David Duty

Liz Fischer

Cassie Greer and Danny Palmer

Bruce and Kathy Hanna

Sue and Pete Harris

David Heath

Fred and Myrna Hostetler

John and Annemarie Jacques

Jeff Kishlock and Anne Brennan

Naomi Mabins

Carolina Malmedal

John and Becky McAllister

Jeff and Sandie Nelson

Jerry and Christine Otto

Scott Palmer

Todd Palmer

Lisa Rowley

Winston Saunders and Sara Stamey

Peter Schuyler and Dawn Foreman

Richard Siegel, in memory of Ruby Beach-Siegel

Linda and Don Sinclair

Margaret and Claude Stevens

Donna and Delbert Swanson

K. Marie Tyler

Bruce Ulrich

John and Margi Walters

Mark Wilkinson

Jerry and Judy Willey

Joyce Woods and Mark Brumley

The 2015-16 Bag&Baggage Resident Acting Company


$250 and above

Alan Anderson and Ron Daum

Pauline Beard

Jeff and Brenda Beck, in memory of June and Theo Beck

Brian and Kay Blachly

Jennifer Bruning

Marsha Bryant

John and Cheryl Burnor

John Carone

Stephanie and Morgan Chase

Jessica Chou and Tom Chau

Martin Conley

Matthew Corwin and Brennan Randel

Cindy Dauer

Segun De Silva

Susan and Andrew Franklin

Christina Gamgene

Jessica Geffen and Tim Yaeger

Paul Gerlach

Joseph R. Gilles

Lisa Gordon

Larry and Ann Greer

Ken Hannam, in memory of Dawn Hawkins

Duncan Hart

Pat Heiden

Robert Holub

Hook SEO

Suzan Hopman

Arianne Jacques

Beth and Evan Lewis

Laura Lillegard, Donna Duker, and William Hope, in honor of Alexander Hope

Carol Loughner

Dr. Darell and JoAnn Lumaco

Heather and Eric Mash

Jim McNally

McNally’s Taproom

Corky and Fran McReynolds

Victoria Mee

Sondra Moroney

Jason Myers

Patricia O’Rourke

Keith and Laurie Raines

Robert J. Rineer

Lisa Roskopf

Elaine Ruys

John E. Ryan

Adam Simantel

Adrienne and Jeremy Southard

Gregory Sweeney

Debbie Thomas

Jessi Walters

Chuck Wilkison

The 2015-16 Bag&Baggage Volunteer Ushers


$100 and above

Enrique Andrade

John Bakum

Bazi Bierbrasserie

Linda Besant and Martha Goetsch

Jim and Betsy Biller

Bonnie and Don Blish

Gregory Bruce

Dale Buck

Aron Carleson

Robin Castleberry Stone

Morgan Cox

Ron and Kitty Crisman

Nancy Cullers

Gwendolyn Drake

Joanne Ducham

Debra and Bruce Duffe

Glynn Durham

Paul and Linda Erickson

Skip Farmer

Kari Fredheim

Patricia Gaumond

Karen Hershey

Keren Hoover

Fay Littlefield

Sofia May-Cuxim

Bianca McCarthy

Branden McFarland

Helen Miller

Colleen and David Myers

Johanna Norton

David and Lisa Ogden

Simone Ostric

Robyn Parnell and Mark Waggoner

Proud & Disgusted

Carol Reich

The Rio Vista Foundation

Michael Rouches

Barbara Scott

Silverna and Raymond Scott

Paula Seid

Mary Beth Self

Kay and Pete Shoudy

R. Scott Smith

Pamela South

Linda and Larry Sparks

Dick and Doreen Stenson

Janica Stewart

Gary Taliaferro

Fawn Taylor

Misty Tompoles

Kaye Van Valkenburg

Carla Velders

Fred Wallace and Dana Sweet

Kathleen Worley

Mike and Nadine Zimmerlund

Kris and Bob Zorko


$50 and above

Thomas Bearden

Andrew Beck

Pam Bohling

Martha Bosch

Carol Cantrell

Maggie Chapin

Sarah Jo Chaplen

Cindy Cosenzo

Chris D’Arcy

Gerald Delaney

Ted and Lynne Desel

Heather Ferrin Myers

Michael and Jayne Gallagher

Beth Graser

Marilyn Grendele

Linda Hillin

Christopher Hoy

Hilary Hutchinson

Robin Johnson

Rae Knowles

James Kundart

Laurel Lahmers

L. Mark Larsen

Christina Massey

Anne Mueller

B. Procassini

Kristine Rowan

Donna and Scott Satterlee

James Sheedy

Diane Stone

Becci Swearingen

Jeri Tess

Scott Thiemann, in honor of David Jenkins

David Threefoot

Kristen Van Kranenburg

Lori Wallner

Jann Weber

Fabiana Weiland

Vickie Williams

Deb Zita and Maryka Biaggio


up to $49

Anonymous (4)

Mandy Andersen

Steven Arends

Noel Arnold

Jasper Bawcom

Kate Belden

Phillip J. Berns

Connie Bradley

Emily Brown

Brian Burger

Casey Campbell

Lindsay Chamberlain

Aaron Chartier

Candace Chinick

Joey Copsey

Adriana Costanzo

Katie Davis

Martha DeBry

Paul Dedyo

Kay Demlow

Ed Dennis

John DeRuntz

Cassandra Falling

Mike Flynn

Julia Fowler

Jeff Gallagher

Marsha Goldwasser

Chris Harrington

Gloria Hatrick

John and Sherry Hayes

Jessica Hirschhorn

Marlene Hopman

Heidi Hunter

Lynn Ironside

Karen Johnson

Frank and Teresa Joseph

Joan Kessler

Steve and Val Mallinson

Anita Menon

Annette Merrill

Dick Messenger

Amy Mihelich

Gayle Miller

Wendy Mitchell

Michele Mudd

Dallas Myers

Judi Palumbo

Lindsey Partain

Michelle Payne

Sharon Pirie

Vicki Quandt

Doug Rankin

Allison Smith

Kate Sokoloff

Jim Tabor

Anissa Teslow Cheek

John Valentino

Karen Vancil

Deborah Vaughn

Patrick Walsh

Jen Weaver-Neist

Angie Weeks

Molly Weiland

Ryan Westwood

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