Phillip J. Berns†<i>Simon Bright</i>

Phillip J. Berns

Since first performing with Bag&Baggage in 2012, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous directors and an impressive amount of impressive artists, all of which have helped me grow as an artist myself. Every opportunity I have had at B&B has taught me valuable lessons not only about acting, but also about the power of storytelling and collaboration. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of Bag&Baggage’s reputation of excellence.

Phillip J. Berns
Associate Artist

Phillip J. Berns hails from Milwaukee WI, where he has been acting professionally since he was nine years old when he played Michael Darling in First Stage Children’s Theater’s Peter Pan. The following Christmas, he was cast as Tiny Tim in The Milwaukee Rep’s annual production of A Christmas Carol, a production he would do another seven times in the following eight years (though not always as Tiny Tim, mercifully). During this time he continued working with First Stage and other professional companies in an around Milwaukee. After graduating with dual BA’s in Theater Arts and Advertising from Marquette University in 2009, Phillip moved to Portland where he became a founding company member of Post5 Theatre, and began working with various other Portland companies including Bag&Baggage. Phillip has been seen on the B&B stage as the amorous Student 2 in Shakespeare’s R&J, the loyal Valentine in Twelfth Night of the Living Dead, a handful of very British characters in Dial M for Murder, the intensely German Heinrich Huber-Hoffman in A KBNB Kristmas Karol, and the charmingly obtuse Greg in Spinning Into Butter. Special thanks to his incredibly supportive network of friends and family, and especially the girl who inspires him daily.