Bag&Baggage Productions board of directors and staff. (photo by Casey Campbell Photography)

Liz Manser

Liz Manser
Board Secretary

Liz is an architect who currently lives in Portland with her husband Bryan, a manufacturing engineer. A native of Illinois, she received her B.S. in Architectural Studies and Environmental Fellowship Minor from the University of Illinois. After starting her career in Chicago,  Liz moved to Portland to complete her Masters of Architecture at the University of Oregon, with a concentration in educational programming.

She had the opportunity to become involved with Bag & Baggage during the design and construction of the new Vault Theater. During the process Liz realized what a talented and dedicated group of performers, staff, and volunteers make up the company, and as someone who has spent a majority of her career designing educational and community spaces, she recognizes what a great asset that this theater and its programs are for the local community.

Liz is an enthusiastic animal lover, and is an active volunteer for a local animal rescue. She also volunteers with the Architecture Foundation of Oregon’s Architects in Schools Program.