Bag&Baggage Productions board of directors and staff. (photo by Casey Campbell Photography)

Gayle Nachtigal

Bag&Baggage had my heart when I saw their performance of Death of a Salesman.  It is an honor to serve on this Board and as its Chair.  I am very proud to be a part of bringing ‘real, provocative, theatre’ to my community and making sure that every High School student can see live theatre for free.

Gayle Nachtigal

Gayle has lived in Hillsboro for the past 30 plus years. She moved out from Ohio to attend law school at Lewis and Clark College. After law school she worked as a Deputy District Attorney in Washington Co, for the Oregon Attorney General’s office and served as a Circuit Court Judge in Washington County for 21 years. She retired in 2013 and now serves as a Senior Judge.  For 9 years, Gayle was an active member of the Bag&Baggage Board. In addition to Bag&Baggage, she is a member of the Hillsboro Arts and Culture Council, Hillsboro Rotary and Optimist Clubs, and a member of All Saints Episcopal Church. Nationally she is involved with the American Judges Association and the American Judges Foundation, having served as President of both organizations. In 2010 she was nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate to serve on the Board of Directors for the State Justice Institute. Currently, she is Secretary of that Board. Gayle is married to her husband Fred. Fred recently retired and currently serves on the Hillsboro City Council. They have two daughters and 3 grandchildren.

Gayle can be reached at [email address=””].