Bag&Baggage Productions board of directors and staff. (photo by Casey Campbell Photography)

Donna Swanson

I love being a part of Bag & Baggage, which always puts their own stamp on each show they do.  Bag & Baggage gives back to the High School students in the area by providing free tickets to each show and gives high school students the opportunity to work on a production of ours, behind the scenes and on stage to see what it is like to be part of a great theatre company.

Donna Swanson
Board Member

Donna grew up in Portland, raised in the same house that her father grew up in. Donna graduated from James Monroe High School (formerly known as Girls Polytechnic High School). After working for Bank of America, she went to PCC and earned a degree in Computer Information Systems. After graduating from PCC, she started working at PCC in 1998. Donna currently works in the Distance Learning Department supporting faculty who use PCC’s Learning Management system.  Donna also holds a BA in Communications with a certificate in training from Marylhust University.

Donna lives in Aloha with her husband, Delbert.  They moved to Aloha in 2000 after living in Southeast Portland for 20 years.  In their spare time they like to camp in their 30ft condo on wheels and have known to take their cats and dogs with them on their adventures in the trailer. Donna can be found in the lobby during performances knitting if she isn’t watching a play.

Delbert & Donna volunteered for the National Square Dance Convention in 1994 and served as vice-chairman of local publicity, they have been members of several square dance clubs in the area. Delbert & Donna were members of the Aloha Grange.  Delbert & Donna were active in both organizations while holding offices in the different groups.

Donna currently serves as Concierge Club president. Donna first became aware of Bag&Baggage when she saw an ad in the local newspaper looking for volunteer ushers. The first time she ushered with B&B was with the Reindeer Monologues. The rest is history…