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Devinka De Silva

Devinka De Silva
Board Member

Devinka Peiris was born in Sri Lanka to a family of educators and artists. She grew up in a theater loving community. She moved to California in 2004 and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Sociocultural Psychology from California State University East Bay. In college, Devinka became a leader in promoting culture and diversity while cofounding an International student organization on campus. Combining her interests and education her first jobs included working for the international student admissions office and center for international education at California state University, East Bay.
Devinka further studied Montessori education and taught at Montessori schools in California.

Since moving to Oregon with her husband. She now directs a Montessori School in Portland. Devinka is passionate about education and enjoys creating an inclusive and diverse work environment for her School staff and students. She is also keen on the use of new technology at her workplace. Devinka is enthusiastic about transferring her interests and skills for the benefit of her community. She is delighted to be a part of Bag&Baggage.